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The Foundation for Leadership & Education Development – FLED - is a knowledge-based non-governmental organisation established in Nigeria in 1995 as a Charitable Foundation of incorporated Trustees. The strategic mission of FLED is to empower individuals and create opportunities for them to harness their life’s potentials in accordance with Christian values. Its specific mission is to facilitate access to qualitative education and build the economic and leadership capacities of women…

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Our Subsidiaries

Fled Group is the holding company, sustaining the development of all 4 subsidiaries.

Future World Magazine

Future World is a human interest magazine that seeks to help readers to understand the issues of today, as we provide credible information that help them define the future for themselves. We report issues on Politics, Business, Lifestyle, Sports, Entertainment,

FLED Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society Ltd

 ABOUT FLED COOPERATIVE   Who We Are Registered in January 2007, FLED Multi-purpose Cooperative Society Limited is approved by the government to operate as a financial cooperative to promote the business interests of our members and to support their other

Chapel of Grace Transformation Ministry

Chapel of Grace Transformation Ministry – CGTM – is the outworking of a vision God gave to Joseph C. Ibekwe on February 17, 1995.

FLED International University

FLED International University is a private Post-graduate, faith-based, specialized, hybrid institution – operating on-site and online – leveraging on the power of digital technology to deliver high quality post graduate programs in the areas of Humanities; Social Science including Media/Journalism,

Our Programmes

Our Programmes Are Flexible Packed with Practical Skillset

Leadership Training for Student Leaders

LEADERSHIP SKILLS ENHANCEMENT COURSE  …for Undergraduate Student leaders & Senior High School Prefects    Since 1998, FLED has trained more than 5000 undergraduate student leaders and college prefects through this course. We have the experience and have built a track


Tracking former student leaders on campus and Prefects of Secondary Schools Student Leaders Dossier (SLD) is a data service initiative of Foundation for Leadership & Education Development (FLED). The Dossier captures and retains the record of all undergraduate students that


Introduction Schools need teachers who are leaders. Teacher-leaders have a lot to do in determining the moral, academic and growth trajectory of any school. Indeed, great schools are only possible when the leadership competencies of the teaching and non teaching


We Accelerate Your Innovative Lifecycle.

Innovation Orchestration

Innovation management is about much more than processes and tools. It requires a management system that takes into account a number of internal and external business drivers. These influence a company’s innovation capacity.  Each company requires an orchestrator or innovation hub

Uncertainty Management

In companies, the words risk and uncertainty are most often used interchangeably and yet, they are very different. With risk, the possible outcomes are known. A probability of occurrence can be assigned to each one. Investments are hedged accordingly to

Active in Executive Education

We have a background in teaching at some of the World’s leading academic institutions, and moreover we try to deliver a meaningful impact in building competencies for leaders whereever we can.


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