The Foundation for Leadership & Education Development – FLED – is a knowledge-based non-governmental organisation established in Nigeria in 1995 as a Charitable Foundation of incorporated Trustees.

The strategic mission of FLED is to empower individuals and create opportunities for them to harness their life’s potentials in accordance with Christian values.

Its specific mission is to facilitate access to qualitative education and build the economic and leadership capacities of women and youths to enable them participate in development processes at the political, economic, educational and social levels.

Our Registered Objectives are

  • To promote leadership development among the citizens particularly women and youths through training, mentoring, conferences, retreats, awards, etc
  • To promote positive youth development and lifelong learning among women and youths
  • To promote entrepreneurship development and expand the pool of women and youth entrepreneurs through the teaching and support of entrepreneurship skills acquisition
  • To use education as a tool to promote responsible citizenship and quality health among women and youths by acting as capacity builder, educator and facilitator on such issues
  • To actively support Education for All Programme (EFA); particularly by providing educational support services to academic institutions through strengthening of Board Governance and facilitating professional skills development programmes for teachers, etc
  • To work with other partner development institutions to promote United Nations Programmes relevant to our mandate and focus
  • To carry out community projects such as advancement of education and learning, community development projects and other philanthropic activities in Nigeria and elsewhere.

FLED Group comprises of independent social entrepreneurial organizations committed to integrated human development.

The group’s activities encompasses humanitarian activities in education, leadership development; entrepreneurship development; media awareness and advocacy.